f (-se/-sa) 1. distress of the body, pain, anxiety, anguish; 2. distress of the mind, sorrow, trouble, troublesomeness; 3. difficulty, perplexity

Old to modern English dictionary. 2013.

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  • angst — (n.) 1944, from Ger. Angst neurotic fear, anxiety, guilt, remorse, from O.H.G. angust, from the root of ANGER (Cf. anger). George Eliot used it (in German) in 1849, and it was popularized in English by translation of Freud s work, but as a… …   Etymology dictionary

  • anxiety — (n.) 1520s, from L. anxietatem (nom. anxietas) anguish, anxiety, solicitude, noun of quality from anxius (see ANXIOUS (Cf. anxious)). Psychiatric use dates to 1904. Age of Anxiety is from Auden s poem (1947). For anxiety, distress, Old English… …   Etymology dictionary

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